Case study: How Eurexo has saved 15 000 Km of travel every month


For more than 20 years Eurexo has been the link between insurers and their clients in insurance claims.
When a policyholder has an incident the insurer calls on Eurexo to provide support. 
Eurexo’s task, as an impartial and independent loss adjuster, is to determine the cause of the incident and estimate the sum associated with the claim. 
“Video adjusting” is increasingly requested by insurance companies that are looking to increase processed claim volume. 
Despite having a tool in place Eurexo was not able to take advantage of it due to a complex customer journey as well as technical constraints. Consequently Eurexo wanted to find a solution that simplified the customer journey

Find out how Eurexo has reduced 15 000 KM of travel every month



Here is what you will find in this case study:

1. The challenge of Eurexo
2. The solution that helped Eurexo to take up the challenge
3. The results


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