Case Study: Find out how the SIS of Haut-Rhin uses Apizee to see an emergency situation and better assess it


The Haut-Rhin Fire and Rescue Service is in charge of prevention, protection and firefighting. It participates, together with the other services and professionals concerned, in the protection and the fight against accidents, disasters and catastrophes, in the evaluation and prevention of technological or natural risks as well as in emergency assistance. For the organization and the execution of its missions, the SIS of Haut-Rhin counts on the CTA-CODIS. The CTA (Alert Processing Center) is in charge of receiving, authenticating and registering requests for assistance; engaging assistance; coordinating interventions and means. The emergency services on site continuously inform the CTA of the evolution of the situation and request the necessary reinforcements. In the event of a serious event, the departmental fire and rescue operations center (CODIS) ensures follow-up and operational coordination.

The callers, often stressed, find it difficult to clearly describe the situation that requires them to call 18. This is why the SIS of Haut-Rhin has set up a visual assistance solution enabling operators to understand emergency situations more quickly and to adapt the means to be used.


Here is what you will find in this case study:

1. The challenge of SIS 68
2. The solution that helped to take up the challenge
3. The benefits


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