Why should be using visual assistance in your customer service?


Remote assistance solutions are increasingly popular mainly due to new customer expectations, the increasing complexity of devices and machines and the emergence of new technologies that open the door to new use cases and practices (IoT, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence).

Visual assistance helps improve the customer experience by offering a visual communication channel that allows to deal with a problem more quickly, communicate information more easily and increase the resolution rate on the first call.



Are you thinking using a visual assistance solution in your customer service?

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👉 How does visual assistance work
👉 The benefits of visual assistance for customer relations
👉 The criteria to consider when choosing a solution

Apizee SaaS platform enables easy roll-out or real-time customer engagement, visual assistance, telemedicine and enterprise collaboration services. Based on WebRTC, a disrupting telecom technology that provides a friction-less web-based video experience Apizee solutions and APIs are leveraged by industry and software players such as Crédit Agricole, Caisse d'Epargne, Enedis, Safran, Orpi, Eurexo, Bluelink, Renault, Groupe Atlantic and FNAC-DARTY.

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