What You’re Getting Wrong About Customer Journeys

Most CX experts agree that it’s not enough to give customers a satisfying initial experience with a product. Instead, you must offer them a compelling series of experiences—a customer journey—to keep them coming back for more. 

Many customer journey frameworks are too routine, they become effortless and predictable, which can backfire on a company. 

We draw on five years of research into customer experiences across a wide range of product categories and on feedback from workshops with academics and executives, to share a framework to help managers design compelling journeys that keep customers returning again an again.  

During this 30 minute live talk, you'll learn:

  • What is the Customer Journey Matrix
  • A five-step process for designing an ideal customer journey
  • Examples of companies that effectively utilizes customer journey design

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Hosted by

Anton Siebert

Anton Siebert is an assistant professor in marketing at Lancaster University in Leipzig, Germany. He earned his PhD at Newcastle University, UK.

Anton examines experiential and social issues in marketing, spanning the fields of brands and branding, customer experience management, and digital marketing. His research has been published in leading business journals, such as Harvard Business Review and Journal of Marketing.

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